Empowering the growth of smarter living spaces worldwide

Comprehensively manage connected IoT - based smart residential properties with our specialist range of SaaS, PaaS and hardware solutions.

Smart Residential Demo Kit

A convenient way to take your showroom and solution on the road.

What Is Smart Residential ?
SC Company Residential consists of 4 core functionalities set to enable property managers worldwide to drive up operating income, streamline operations, and distinguish their properties for greater resident appeal.
Asset Protection

Install and manage a range of smart sensors and thermostats to enable preventative maintenance and property

Smart Apartment
Drive property value with unbeatable smart amenities to increase resident satisfaction and secure long-term retention.
Smart Community

Bring residents and managers closer together and generate new revenue streams through cross-community commerce.

Access Control

Deliver property wide control for managers, residents and staff through a range of access devices

Protect Your Community

Asset Protection

Protection Protect your tenants, property, and wallet whilst maintaining complete peace of mind through the installation of a range of connected IoT sensors and thermostats.

Ensure property longevity by staying on top of any potential issues and Implement pre-emptive maintenance, before it’s too late.

Market Beating Smart Homes

Smart Apartment

Get ahead of the competition and offer future-proof smart homes and apartments to prospective residents, driving NOI whilst stengthening resident absorbtion and retention.

“Smart Home Devices Can Increase Rental Fees for Multifamily Housing by 5%-30%” (Parks Associates)

Residential Interconnectivity

Smart Community

Bridge the gap between residents and management through the Smart Residence App, allowing residents to manage both their homes and community experience all in one place.

Secure Every Door

Access Control

Offer seamless and secure property access managmement for tenants, staff and visitors from the front door to the gym - all from your own branded web portal and app.

Deliver a range of access solutions from mobile access to temporary codes to enable guests and staff to have more complete control over their properties and homes.

All-in-One Resident App
(Whitelabel Service Available)
Web Platform for Property Managers
(Whitelabel Service Available)
Build Your Smart Business

We offer complete customization of plug-and-play SaaS solutions, allowing you to offer your own branded smart residential solution, without the need for any in-house software development capability.

Build your brand through tailoring the Web Platform, Smart Residence App, Smart Construction App and hardware to your requirements, before offering to your clients as part of a revolutionary smart business offering.

Your Own Branded Hardware

Explore our wide range of smart devices, designed for smart residential properties; all of which can be whitelabel manufactured and incorporated into your own integrated smart residential solution.